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Product Liability

     For over 65 years, HARMAN & FEDICK, Ltd. has represented victims against large corporations who manufacture or sell defective and hazardous products, including those with inadequate or improper warning labels that caused serious injury or death.  
     Our experienced and successful trial attorneys are well-equipped to persue your product liability claim.  Working with an expert, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of your injury or your loved one's death and formulate a trial strategy specifically tailored to the product at issue.


     Some of the ways a product can be defective are:

  • Failing to have any or adequate warnings to the user about foreseeable dangers;

  • Failure to create or include instructions for safe use of a product;

  • Failure to have proper safety locks for doors;

  • Failure to have proper limit switches or interlocks to prevent a machine from operating when the proper guards are not in place;

  • Explosions caused by defective manufacturing of a product;

  • Creation of a product that is inherently dangerous for its intended use; and

  • Serving or making food that is contaminated and unsafe to eat; and


     A number of other manners in which a manufacturer or retailer can be responsible for the injury or death of a person who uses their product in a foreseeable manner. We combine our extensive trial experience with a deep commitment to justice for our clients to successfully and effectively pursue these complex cases.


Some of our recent results in products liability cases include:


$2.9 Million settlement against a corporation for a a man who had leg amputated below the knee due to the absence of proper guarding on a machine;


$1.34 Million settlement on behalf of three victims of an explosion that occurred as the result of a manufacturers failure to warn of certain hazards;


$575,000.00 settlement for a man whose finger was amputated by a malfunctioning machine; 

$560,000.00 settlement on behalf of a 93 year-old woman who died as the result of injuries she sustained when an automatic door closed on her as she exited a medical facility; 

$438,000.00 settlement on behalf of a Kankakee woman who was injured when her arm became entangled in a malfunctioning machine;

$150,000.00 settlement for a woman who suffered injuries from salmonella food poisoning.

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury or death as the result of a dangerous and defective product, please contact us immediately for a free consultation, at (312) 263-6452.

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