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Construction Accidents

     Construction Accidents may result in injury or death to a worker or passer-by on a construction site. Common activities on a construction site that result in injury include: falls, the improper operation of heavy machinery, the presence of power lines and trenches, contact with flammable materials, unstable structures and numerous others. 
     Although injured workers will likely receive some assistance from filing a Workers' Compensation Claim, the amount received will likely not fully compensate you for your loss or the loss of your loved one.  Injured parties may have a right to seek compensation from at-fault parties present on the job site who did not employ the injured or deceased person.  For instance, sub-contractors, general contractors, property owners, engineers, electricians, architects and equipment manufacturers  who may have created or contributed to the condition that caused the injury or death.

     HARMAN & FEDICK, Ltd. can assist the injured person or family of the deceased in pursuing a claim against a non-employer.  To date, we have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured construction workers.


 If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury or death as the result of negligence on a construction site, contact us immediately for a free consultation.


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